It was the second day,

Of the week after next.

Couldn’t stop thinking ahead.

Why was that day so important today?

And today is so bad.

Maybe it would be…

I’m simple, yes I am.

In a simplistic way,

I go about life,

With a simplistic view.

Why would I complicate,

What I understand?

How can I appreciate,

The complexities,

Had a dream last night, that I bought a lottery scratch off from the 7-11 store and won a million dollars. The clerk pulled large bundles of bills in including hundreds, and thousand, from a safe.

I was so afraid of someone stealing it. I asked this guy, a mob…

I “woke" that morning to the cheers of, “let’s go Brandon.”

Why Brandon and who was he?

I had no cheer for him.

I “woke" to the atrocities of racism…

Patsy Starke

Registered Nurse, Transgender Woman In a lifelong transition, Parent, Grandparent, Normal every day run of the mill person, realizing my place here.

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