The Nice Older Lady Who Lives On

IV. Becoming Patsy

Photo by Shawn Kenessey on Unsplash

She was mostly in a pensive mood today. In two days she was scheduled for her gender identity affirming surgery. She would have the body to match her identity as a woman. This was a lifelong dream for her. It would be the crown of her transition from biological male to womanhood. She often thought this surgery would not happen for her and here she was, two days from the surgeons artistic achievement and her completion. It was almost too much to comprehend at times.

Today, she could not get her mind to stop whirling. She decided to write for…

The Nice Older Lady Who Lives on

III. Life Long Struggle Then?

Photo by Patsy

She was identified as a male at birth. She was named, William Patrick Starke on her birth certificate. For the greater part of her life, she was called Pat. Other kids would tease her and jeer at her, that Pat was a girls name. She knew there was something different about her but, that’s all she knew about what was inside her. She never felt quite right as a male. She strived to prove she was.

At a very young age she started wearing women’s clothes after dressing up as a lady for Halloween. She didn’t look like a girl…

The nice older lady who lives on

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

II. A New Womxns Group

She felt so happy today. She had no regrets about returning to the neighborhood. She wasn’t only seeing old friends but, meeting new people. She recently joined a women writer’s group called Womxn on Medium. They turned out to be so friendly and excepting. In a caring way, members helped guide her through the rules. The administrator, Itxy Lopez was so welcoming and offered to help the nice older lady improve her writing. She looked forward to further writing experiences. Not only her writing, but reading the writings from other women.

The nice older lady had other female friends…

The nice older lady who lives on

I. Homecoming

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

She came back to the old neighborhood. A place that was familiar and comforting. Many great writers lived in this little village of creativity. She loved being around all of her neighbors. While the nice older lady was away, she craved the inspirational writings of her friends.

In her isolation during the COVID 19 pandemic, loneliness became too much for her. She was dying inside. Though disease free the nice lady knew she would succumb to her loneliness. She longed for familiarity if even yelling to her neighbor from the doorstep and being yelled back at.

After settling in her…

Patsy Starke

Registered Nurse, Transgender Woman In a lifelong transition, Parent, Grandparent, Normal every day run of the mill person, realizing my place here.

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