Just Couldn't get it through my head.

From one side to the other,

saying goodbye,

when we just said hello.

Couldn't get it through my head.

For you, Kathy and all our chalkboard friends.

Please remember me, Patsy, the nice older lady who lives on medium.com. Come see me anytime. My address is @patsystarke-62626. Check out my Red Roses full of poetry and blooming magic.

Patsy: The nice older woman who lives on medium.com

The authentic me about 6 weeks post GCS(Gender Confirmation Surgery) March 2021 at 61 years old.

She’s lived here a while on medium.com. her address is @patsystarke-62626. She has always been neighborly. She loves all her friends in the medium neighborhood. It was about 5 years ago when she came out as being a Transgender Woman. She announced to her world her true identity.

It was around that time when she moved to medium.com and began her new life as a Trans Woman. Not just a Trans Woman, but one who loved writing poetry and writing about her experiences related to her transition from male to female. Most of her neighbors welcomed her. How blessed she…

Patsy Starke

Registered Nurse, Transgender Woman In a lifelong transition, Parent, Grandparent, Normal every day run of the mill person, realizing my place here.

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